N Gauge ROUNDED Station Valance Trim Kit

N Gauge ROUNDED Station Valance Trim Kit

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N-Scenic has just added the Station Valance Trim Kit for added more details to your layouts.

Laser Cut out of 300 GSM card you receive 5x Strips and 2x Apex Sheets in the kit.

These are designed to be amended by you, by either joining them together to give you a longer run of the valance trim and cut short to the required depth you need.

Same goes for the Apex Trim, Simply cut out a template of the angle you’re wanting to achieve then transfer that to the Apex Trim card and cut the shape out.

Measurements : Each strip is 180mm long x 27mm tall ( to be cut to your chosen height ) X 5 total overall length of 900mm

Apex or End Valance measure: 88mm wide x 70mm Tall X ( To be cut to your apex shape )

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